5 things to note in Barcelona’s loss tonight

Barcelona now has a mountain to climb as they lost by 2 goals in Seville in an evenly contested match. It is fair to say that Barcelona played the game on Sevilla’s terms and that made it difficult for us to penetrate their defense.

We would need to be more pro-active in the return leg if we are to stand a chance of making any sort of comeback.

Here are 5 things to note from tonight’s match:

1. Barcelona played All-attack and All-defense which made it difficult to catch Sevilla on the break and eventually made the players tired.

2. Sevilla utilized their substitutions well and early and made it difficult for Barcelona to get back into the game.

3. We should have gotten a penalty and the numbers of decisions that goes unfairly against Barcelona keep rising.

4. Firpo was playing out of position but ultimately he was terrible and it has to be said, he struggled massively all through and only played the full match due to lack of options.

5. Dembele adds an important dynamic to our game but he was unable to really impact the game as Sevilla defended compactly.

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