Why Barcelona must avoid signing Giroud, Aubameyang or other dead strikers

Barcelona are in a precarious situation, their star striker is out injured and they have a new coach in the dugout.

Luis Suarez is out injured and the veteran striker won’t be back till May. This makes things difficult for new coach; Setien.

He and the club have to figure out a way to deal with this new development. With the transfer window closing soon, the club might decide to bring in a striker that’ll replace the Uruguayan forward. A lot of names have been linked to the club. The board are looking to avoid a panic buy and they are taking their time before making any purchase.

There are some players who would be too much of a gamble and most likely end up flopping:

Giroud – The lanky French forward would obviously find it difficult to adjust to Barcelona gameplay and at 33 it just appears like a desperate option.

Llorente – Llorente is also too old to be considered and he would struggle to adapt to Barca’s play.

Stuani – Stuani has been linked with Barcelona for a while but Barcelona already have one 33 year old Uruguayan, there is no need for another especially one without experience at a top club. He also would be a short term solution which might not work.

Aubameyang – If Aubameyang could be gotten on the cheap it would be a fair deal but he won’t and would end up coming with a lot of scrutiny and he would struggle to adapt and the club will be looking to offload him in 2 years. It is too risky a deal and one that proves the board is desperate and shortsighted.


Some options would be less of a gamble but still present its risks:

Cavani – Cavani is an excellent goalscorer and his positioning is brilliant. His club is happy to sell and Atletico Madrid is also interested. Barcelona would be taking a risk to sign him, but if he comes in on the cheap it could be worth it as he has experience at the top level.

Rodrigo – The Valencia forward looks like the perfect person for this job as he is one of those forwards that enjoys getting involved with build up play. He links up well with his teammates while still providing goal threat. The issue with signing him however is that at 28, his age and price will put him under pressure to adapt as fast as possible.

Alcacer – At some point I thought, why not bring back Alcacer. That would make sense, he has some knowledge of the team from the time he spent in Barcelona and he has shown for Dortmund and Spain that he can deliver goals. Paco is currently valued about twice the amount Dortmund paid for him and that could be the deal breaker.


What I expect Barcelona to do

Barcelona’s board need to look beyond their nose, they should act not just focusing on the current season.

What is the solution to Suarez’s injury?


Barcelona have 4 attackers not currently injured; Perez and Messi play naturally from the right, Griezmann plays naturally from the middle, Fati plays naturally from the left. I would say the club is lightest on the left and that’s where Barcelona should focus their attention.

If Barcelona signs a left winger that can rival with Fati while the right is fully covered, then Griezmann can stay central and deliver the goals he should be delivering.

If the coach wants to use a false-9, Griezmann can play on the right instead of being isolated out on the left.

Then a young striker could be purchased in a view to build for the future but most importantly a left winger is needed.



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