Why Xavi needs to replace Valverde immediately

There are rumours going around that Xavi is in line to replace Valverde as Barcelona’s coach and majority of rhe Catalan club’s fanbase are reeling with excitement at the news.

While it is almost certain that Ernesto won’t continue at the club beyond the summer, most fans would prefer Xavi comes in this winter so he has 6 months to get things running.

Here are the reasons why we want Xavi now:

He would promote positive football

Xavi had firsthand experience of the benefits of positive football as he was a major part of the Barcelona team that wowed the world with Tiki taka and he will be expected to bring that back as coach.

Valverde has been heavily criticised for his style of play, because he has found it difficult to replicate the free-flowing football the club’s fans are used to.

Bring back excitement for the fans

Despite sitting atop of LaLiga and into the knockout stages of the Champions League, the negative football being offered by Valverde has killed the spirits of the Barcelona supporters. It used to be a thrill to watch Barcelona irrespective of the result but now even victories are boring and annoying.

Someone like Xavi and everything he represents will be key in revitalising the club’s support.

He knows the club well

Xavi understands the club’s philosophies and values and is expected to enforce these when he takes over. His experience would come in handy as he can be a role model as well as a coach.

He would give La Masia a chance

This is the most important part of his job once he takes over. It is always tempting to ignore the youth players favouring to purchase from other clubs instead. Xavi was among the finest crop of La Masia graduates and without being given chance to showcase their talents they wouldn’t have become the icons they are today.

La Masia has some exciting prospects and Xavi could be key in their development with players like Alena, Puig, Araujo, Miranda, Perez, Fati, Wague having a chance to become top players under his wise guidance.

He is a popular figure with the club and players

Xavi has the fans behind him and as such they would back almost any decision he makes. It is extremely important he has this backing as there are some tough decisions he has to make with a lot of the players he played alongside needing to take the backseat or leaving the club altogether.

He is best equipped to guide Barcelona through this transitional period

Barcelona has been avoiding the hard truth; the club is in transition and they need to make long term changes. Patching things up has been a temporary fix and is putting so much strain on the club’s finances without necessarily delivering the expected results.

With Xavi coming in, he can be allowed the chance to build a project. A team that can dominate Spain and Europe for 5-10 years.

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