Can Dembele fulfil his potential and make it at Barcelona?

Ousmane Dembele joined Barcelona in 2017 and 2 years later he is still a future prospect and he enjoys first team status and privileges way more than his performances reflect.

Although injuries have played a part in disrupting his development, it is obvious Dembele is not cut out for top level football.

It is one thing to have talent, it is another to have the determination to make it at the top level. There’s no way you can make it at a club like Barcelona without top level commitment.

His decision making hasn’t shown signs of improvement… he still appears like a teenager struggling to find his feet.

If he was jejely undergoing this development at Dortmund, it would have been another story but Barcelona paid over 100 million Euros for this lad plus bonuses amounting to 40 million Euros so 2 years is more than enough for him to come through.

This season is his last chance to show that he can rub shoulders with the big dogs else it would only make sense for Barcelona to cut their losses and offload him.

Ousmane is a great dribbler, good with both feets and can leave defenders for dead with his blistering pace and has some wicked shots in his arsenal and yet his consistency fails him, his first touch can be attimes appaling and we’ve come to expect him to fumble with the ball, ruin attacks, give a wayward pass.

If the pressure at Barcelona is too much for him, it only makes sense for him and Barcelona to part ways.

Dembele has to step up as he is not a young kid anymore, and with Ansu Fati showing signs of what’s to come… his time is now or never.

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