How I almost died during Barcelona v Slavia Praha match

Sitting through Barcelona’s home draw against Slavia Praha was one of the most excruciating moments I’ve ever had to suffer through… I almost died of boredom.

Barcelona players were so purposeless with the ball. No real urgency, no off the ball movements, predictable gameplay.

Even neutrals were rooting for Barcelona to show a little bit of passion albeit most of them were looking out for their tickets.

How did Barcelona get here? The players on the pitch today are more than capable of beating Slavia Praha. There’s so much complacency in this team and the old timers are starting to infect the new players.

Without checking the score-line, one would think Barcelona had already put 4 or 5 goals past the opponent.

I don’t know if the players are trying to frustrate the coaches effort… but if this continues… it’s going to be another terrible outing in Europe.

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