Courtois: The latest victim of a terrible defense

In football, the goalkeeper is an important piece of the team; in a game where your opponent is not supposed to put the ball in the back of a big net… the only player that is allowed to use his hands carries so much value.

Goalkeepers still rarely get recognition with plaudits usually reserved for those trying to put the ball past them with Lev Yashin (pictured above), the only goalie to win the prestigious balon d’Or with goalies like Kahn, Van der Sar to mention a few missing out despite being at the top of their game for quite a number of seasons.

Instead they are always quick to get blamed whenever the table turns.  The goalie’s job however difficult could be made easier when he has in front of him a sturdy back-line and this is always easy to point out. But that’s how it is supposed to be. Goalkeepers should be the last line of defense not exposed to numerous threats over 90 minutes.

So a goalkeeper floundering in front of a shitty defense is undeserving of all the blame. In truth goalkeepers are having to adapt now, taking more control of their 18-yard box, excelling in one-on-ones and getting involved in plays but if a goalkeeper is in front of an exposed defense, clean sheets becomes hard to come by.

Goalies like De Gea, Casillas, Navas have been victims of this in an obvious sense. Other less obvious ones are Cech, Szczesny.

Thibaut Courtois is the latest victim of this and has become a poster boys of goalkeeper errors in recent days.

Even tho I predicted his move was unnecessary and he’ll flop, it hurts to see what he has turn to and more sad because I know how deep Madrid’s defensive woes run.

Clean sheets have always been rare in Madrid and betting on a team to score against Madrid has a higher percentage success rate and this still persists.

Real Madrid had 10 La Liga clean sheets in 16/17, 10 in 17/18, 12 in 18/19, none yet this season in 4 games and the situation doesn’t appear to be improving anytime soon.

Navas must be swimming with pride now as that singular match against Real Madrid exonerates all his criticism. Courtois on the other hand has been thrown under the bus and the only thing going for him is that the club paid heavy for him and as such they’ll look to other solutions first before calling for his head. He has shown his level with Atletico, Belgium and Chelsea.

Real Madrid need to figure out why their defense is addicted to letting in goals before it gets messy.

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