Why is Dembele having difficulties at Barcelona?

On a regular basis, there are reports concerning Barcelona’s wonder-kid, Ousmane Dembele; the 115m € signing from Dortmund.

According to ‘sources’, he is unhappy with his playing time at the club, wants increased importance at the club and might consider leaving if his conditions are not met.

According to ‘sources’, he has a gaming addiction and goes late to training (although there’s only one recorded incident of that happening).

According to ‘sources’, the club is considering cashing in on him as soon as possible if he does not change his ways.

I am concerned about Dembele as he is talented and without the right guidance he might end up to be one of those ‘should’ve been’ players. I want to analyze what I think the problem is and how things can change around for the player.


There have been reports about the youngster’s bad attitude and unhealthy lifestyle and recently it is claimed he battles with gaming addiction.

Also he is unhappy with how much playing time he gets and feels he should be given a more important role in the team.

There are also claims from the media that he has failed to learn Spanish and can’t speak fluently.

Of all these… his major problem is the media who won’t fail to read meaning into anything he does.


What Dembele is going through is pretty normal considering the spotlight he is under and his relatively young age.

Battling injuries in his first season brought about unwanted criticism and with all his efforts, it is quite difficult to shake this off.

Dembele needs to calm down, try to channel his raw talent, and focus on working for the team and with time everything falls in place.

He has the talent, it just needs to be nurtured; which brings me to my next point – MESSI.

It might seem hard to imagine but Neymar initially struggled when he got to Barcelona. He had to incorporate passing into his game when all he was comfortable with was running towards his opponents and taking them on.

I’m not comparing Ney to Dembouz, but with the right guidance, a fine player can be made of the France International and Messi is just the man to do that.

The coach also has a part to play; he needs to stop sacrificing Dembele. He can play the whole 90 minutes and he should (especially when he’s ‘in the game’).

He needs more confidence and the coach can help with that.

Barcelona fans too have a part to play. Dembele is a cules. No matter what the media says, Dembele wants to stay and succeed at Barcelona and he keeps fighting for the team, fighting to prove his worth, fighting for the fans.


Conclusion: Dembele has raw talent that needs refining, he should work on his attitude also and the media should rest; no one plays games more than Sergi Roberto and he is the most hardworking Barca player I know

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  • Dembele deserves to play the whole 90 minutes and he should “(especially when he’s ‘in the game’).” .

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