Immediately after the Champions league final in Kiev, Ronaldo said in an interview that ‘it was nice playing for Real Madrid‘.

The use of past tense led to suggestions that he might leave the club this summer especially as he is currently involved in a long drawn contract discussion with Real Madrid with the Portuguese captain keen to be the world’s highest paid player.

There have been numerous interests for his services with PSG, Manchester United and recently Juventus eyeing the prospect of having the 5-time Balón d’Or winner on their team sheet.

Here are 4 reasons why Cristiano should leave Madrid

A move might just be the thing Cristiano needs to maintain his star status.

It is quite obvious that Madrid don’t see Ronaldo with the same eye as he or other clubs see him. They are desperate to shift into the post-Ronaldo phase, looking for ways to get by without him.
With a new coach and the desperate pursuit of Neymar, one way or the other, Real Madrid will look to find a way to and if they do, Ronaldo will be shifted out.

Cristiano must be furious being the world’s best player and not being the highest paid player.

If he is truly keen of being the world’s highest paid player, he’d be better off playing for another team as Real Madrid are looking unlikely to offer him as much as he’d want. With teams like Juventus, PSG, Manchester United willing to offer him a huge salary to tempt him into considering moving to their team; a move right now would be in his interest as ‘HE IS STILL THE WORLD’S BEST PLAYER’

3. AGE
Yeah… Ronaldo & Messi are ageing. It’s a thing of joy to have watched these two right from the beginning, but age catches up with every one.

That being said, this move might be the last major move Ronaldo would make and it is PSG, Juventus, Man Utd calling, not some random team in the East.

Of course… Money has to be involved.

Ronaldo has done it all, if he choose to play for money for the rest of his playing days we dare not judge him.

The kind of salary being offered by other clubs is worth considering a move for.

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