Sorry Gunners, nobody deserves to be treated this way

It is halfway through July and Arsenal fans still don’t know what plans their team has for them.

As if it is not bad enough that they are chasing second class players… they still can’t cough up enough money to get them.

From a team that felt cheated when they lost to Barcelona in 2006 UCL final to a team that couldn’t even muster a challenge against Chelsea in a final they needed more as it would guarantee a place in next season’s Champions league.

Arsenal once made 4th place their birthright to the annoyance of a lot of fans… now that 4th place seems like an impossible task to accomplish.

And yet, Arsenal board feels 40 million plus is enough to maneuver in this over-inflated transfer market.

Gunners are in the market for players like Zaha, Fraser, etc and yet they can’t afford them which is surprising considering how much their fans pay to watch their team play at the Emirates stadium.

Kroenke, a shrewd businessman owns majority shares at Arsenal and seems uninterested in tbe fans clamouring to see a better Arsenal.

Arsenal is fast becoming unattractive to players, coaches, football fans and even sponsors and this could start a domino effect that’ll lead Arsenal to battling it out with teams like Wolves, Everton, West Ham… for a place in the Europa league year in year out.

Arsenal boasts a nice collection of young players. But without experienced players guiding them… they would just end up underachieving and leaving the club for greener pastures following the footsteps of Fabregas, RVP, Oxlade etc.

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