Are Nigerian fans the worst or Football has lost its true fans?

‘Salah no sabi, dem suppose dey bench am’, ‘I’ll pick Origi over Salah anyday’.

These are words from Liverpool fans. Yes, you heard that right.

I, a Barcelona fan sat all through Liverpool’s match against Tottenham defending Salah against Liverpool fans. Ironic, right?

I find it hard to comprehend how someone who took the Premier League by storm last season… won PFA and is Liverpool’s top scorer and second highest assist provider turned into a player that deserves such ridicule all because of a rocky patch.

Salah is stingy‘ they said… but he has 8 assists for Liverpool this season only behind Robertson.

Salah is a one season wonder‘ they said… this guy is still Liverpool’s best player for the 2nd season out of the two seasons he has been there.

Salah is having a rough patch and instead of his fans to support him… he is being criticized, and this is affecting his game. It is obvious how much he tries to regain his confidence and these fans don’t even care.

One of them said… ‘is he not getting paid‘? At this point it hits me… football has lost its core fans; this new breed of fans live in the moment. And will castigate any player who is playing bad at a particular moment.

You can be their hero in one match and they want the club to sell you in the next match.

Yes, players should buckle up as the game is more demanding… but if you’re a Liverpool fan and you can’t support Salah at this trying time… you’re a ‘owo epo’ type of guy and football doesn’t need you.

BTW… Barcelona would appreciate Salah if Liverpool thinks he is done😏

So… tell me… why do you think player support has waned in recent times?

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