Should Manchester United sack Mourinho?

As much as I’d love to disagree… it is true… Mourinho is a great coach. He has achieved some pretty impressive feat as he honed his coaching skills across various leagues.

This season however, things are unraveling quite fast, Man Utd are in abysmal form such that a 3-2 win at Old Trafford over bottom table ‘Newcastle’ was jubilated wildly by the fans. To see Sanchez celebrate a 3-2 win over Newcastle with such ecstasy (he even considered taking off his jersey, tho common sense prevailed) is thrilling but also sad as Manchester United shouldn’t be in such situation in the first place.

Mourinho has had downtimes across his careeer; at Real Madrid and Chelsea, but the situation at Manchester United is more alarming and might just be the blow that’ll make his career suffer a downward spiral.

Let’s take a look at why Mourinho is in this current predicament.

The Man with the biggest ego

Mourinho won the Champions league with Porto and Inter Milan in 2004 and 2010 respectively. Both times the odds were against him to win it, but he was able to mastermind success that the club wouldn’t dream of otherwise.

He helped place Chelsea on the football map also as they became a force to be reckoned with in England and also Europe failing however to win the ultimate trophy with Chelsea.

His spell at Real Madrid however was less than successful and the same trend is following at Manchester United.

The most significant similarity between both spells is the ‘ego’ factor. For Mourinho to be the ‘special one’ he needs to have the biggest ego in the room. His method is ‘leaving his players no choice but to believe in his approach’. Convincing them to believe however appears to be a path Mourinho wouldn’t take.

Clashes with Ramos, Casillas, Ronaldo, Pogba, etc has shown that Mourinho’s ego is essential to his coaching abilities.

And with the ego-battle at Manchester United a ‘free-for-all’… things are starting to unravel and Mourinho is finding it difficult winning this battle.

Mourinho Fading through the years

Although employing a high pressure football in his early years of coaching, in recent years, Mourinho has been synonymous with his negative tactics focused on winning without much concern for dominating matches; emphasis placed rather on an air-tight defence or ‘parking of the bus’.

With the game having grown more attack-minded in recent years… being cautious all through the season is not just enough to secure enough wins to be top of the league. This season for example; Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool are looking to amass as much wins as possible (you see why it would be difficult for a team playing it safe to win or be within touching distance of the trophy).

Manchester United is a big club

It might seem hard to accept but Mourinho has failed to cope with the pressure of handling a big club (yet again). While clubs like Inter Milan, Porto, Chelsea would be glad with little improvement as at the time they appointed Mourinho. Man Utd just like Real Madrid want to be dominant once again. They want to be back at the top… back at that consistent high level. As uplifting as winning the Europa league and league cup was to the fans at Manchester, the next season was supposed to be a huge step up and their manager (rather proudly) delivered only a second place finish and an embarrassing exit in the Champions league.

Mourinho filled with ego had expected the fact that Man Utd was second to appease the fans but the response he got was not in-line with that and he has become disgruntled since then, getting into budget battles with the club owners and most popularly, his spats with his players especially Pogba (whose World Cup win was disregarded by Mourinho)

Dressing room unrest

Mourinho is finding it difficult to keep the band together. According to reports, a large number of players led by Pogba are unhappy with the coach and with bad results week-in-week-out they have become frustrated with the coach’s methods.

His players are not fighting for him anymore and that can be seen with their lethargic performances on the pitch.

Klopp, Pochettino, Guardiola… now Sarri and Emery

With the league boasting quality coaches, coaches that have fine-tuned their methods to the attacking demands of the game. Coaches that are looking for victories week-in-week-out (actively not passively). Mourinho has stumbled in the race to keep up with these coaches and the charges from behind are stumping him mercilessly

How does Mourinho beat this?

It’ll be naive to ask Mourinho to put aside his ego, he’d rather leave the club than do that as we’ve seen at Madrid and Chelsea.

If tomorrow were January 1st, I’d say all he needs to do is sell Pogba, buy his choice centre-backs and any other necessary signing and pray that things work out well. But tomorrow isn’t and there’s still over 2 months of football before then.

Mourinho has pushed things beyond repair especially with Pogba and I don’t see any way things improve without him putting his ego aside and getting his players to fight for him.

Leaving on his own accord would mean he forfeits his severance pay so I doubt Mourinho would take such high road. Mehn that road is f**king high.😂😂😂

What should Manchester United do?

I know a lot of people think that the reason Mourinho is still at Man United is his reputation; in reality, he actually has a pretty steep severance package and Man United are trying to see if parting with such money is in the Club’s best interest (Yeah… football is now business first). Manchester are still the richest club in the world and they are able to maintain this title despite being questionable after Sir Ferguson’s retirement.

However if Mourinho stays beyond January, they might lose a number of players which would represent a greater loss and a serious setback to the club.

Mourinho might be able to make it to January if he doesn’t flounder too much till then… if he turns around results he might make it to the end of the season. But anything beyond this season would suggest Manchester United are willing to put the Club’s reputation on the line just to save a few extra bucks

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