Barca executive refuse claims he made money on Neymar’s move to PSG

Andre Cury, Barcelona’s executive in the South American market, has denied making commission on Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

In comments to SPORT, Cury rejected the reports on the radio show ‘Que t’hi jugues!’ that claimed he had been paid 6.6 million euros corresponding to three percent of the 222 million euros the French club paid for the Brazil forward in 2017.

According to the claims, in 2012, Sandro Rosell, then Barça’s president, signed a document which promised Cury three percent commission on any future sale as the Catalan club struck a deal for Neymar to join them from Santos.

Cury played a key role in convincing Neymar to sign for Barça following long and difficult negotiations in 2011, with the Brazilian eventially moving to Camp Nou in May of 2013.

The signing of Neymar was the first operation Cury participated in with Barça and the professional relationship has grown since then, to the point that he’s involved in a large number of the deals which have seen South Amerians join the club in recent years.

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