Coutinho, Neymar and 3 other Talking points of Brazil vs Switzerland

Coutinho and Finesse shot, 5 & 6

It’s almost always deja vu whenever the little magician bends the ball away from the goalkeeper straight into the net. He has mastered the art do much and he keeps unleashing classic goals after classic goals with this technique. Apart from his wonder goal the Brazilian looked more threatening than his teammate, Neymar who (I will talk about this later)

In case you didn’t know, Switzerland are not underdogs

I kept preaching to people how Switzerland have been impressive coming into the world Cup, but as usual people would only see them as underdogs. This team is quite formidable, assured in possession, have good defense structure… They threatened Brazil at times looked as if they’ll snatch a victory from the South Americans.

Neymar needs to be more of a team player

Now lemme talk… Neymar is my guy, even tho he betrayed me by leaving PSG and might still continue his sly moves by moving to Real Madrid. But it’s fine, this guy has enormous talent and I’d love him to shine, dazzle the world, win a couple of balon d’Ors; but Neymar needs to know he can’t do it alone.

How can you be surrounded by so much quality players and still want to play by yourself. To his credit, he realized later on in the second half and played better while bringing others to play.

But if at this stage Neymar hasn’t learn that being the best is only possible when you let the people surrounding you bring out the best in you.

Set piece brilliance is quite important

A lot of goals scored from setpiece in this competition already; and important goals at that. Portugal’s equalizer, Uruguay winning goal, Iran’s memorable win, Croatia’s goals, Switzerland would have found it hard to score from open play but a perfectly taken corner resulted in a draw with the toughest opponent in the group

Any victory would have to be earned

Brazil played, but at times I couldn’t see the energy… It was almost as if they were half expecting the Swiss players to just crumble and give them free path to goal till it was too late and they started a frenzy which ultimately led to nothing

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