Gerard Pique: Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘prone’ to diving

Gerard Pique has taken full advantage of a chance to criticise Cristiano Ronaldo, and noted that he thinks the Real Madrid player goes down and dives far easier than some other players.

He faced Ronaldo as Spain took on Portugal at the World Cup, and Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, getting Portugal a point in the process, yet Pique wasn’t overly impressed with his rival.

Goal report he said: “We have had more chances. They had three shots and scored three goals,

“Games go one way and you have to face it.

“Finding yourself in the opening game of a World Cup with a penalty against you in the second minute, you have to leave with good feelings after how the match went.

“Cristiano is prone to diving.”

Pique has also moved to back De Gea, who has come under fire for his performance – and terrible error.

Of course, anyone who’s watched the Man United player over the last couple of years will know he’s one of the best in the world and will be able to come back from that.

De Gea himself said he was ‘calm’ and that these things can happen, and that’s pretty much what Pique claimed as well.

“He has been doing this for many years and we all face it, I’m sure that in important moments he will be how he has always been.

“A lack of confidence? Not at all, it’s what you want to suggest. In the dressing room it’s clear that David is our goalkeeper, he’s shown it for years.”

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