David De Gea remains ‘calm’ after major error against Portugal

David De Gea is trying to maintain a sense of calm after his huge error against Portugal in the World Cup.

The player handed a goal to Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, yet is known as one of the best – if not the best – in the world, and has said all the players and his coach are behind him, and there’s no issues.

Goal report he said: “The mister [interim coach Fernando Hierro] is with me and the whole team, so I am calm.

“It’s a mistake, a difficult ball, [but we] continue training to do things well in an important game against Iran because we have strong options to win.]

“We deserved more but football is like that, it can happen to you, only those of us who put on our gloves and go out in the field know how hard [it is].”

It’s not just De Gea’s Spain colleagues in Russia who are supporting him – Juan Mata, who is of course a Man United and Spain player, noted he thinks De Gea is simply the best in the world – and took to Twitter to offer his support to the United player.

Eres el mejor y punto. @D_DeGea

— Juan Mata García (@juanmata8) June 15, 2018

Of course, while there were plenty of people focusing on the error made by David De Gea, the back pages will belong to one man, and one man only.

Cristiano Ronaldo has truly arrived at a World Cup in a Portugal shirt, after scoring the 51st hat-trick of his career, and funnily enough, the 51st hat-trick of a World Cup overall as well.

The Portugal skipper has been dogged by claims he doesn’t do enough at World Cups, and only had 3 goals in 13 World Cup games before last night – and has doubled that tally to 6 in 14, which is incidentally one more World Cup goal than Lionel Messi has – given Argentina haven’t yet played at the time of writing this.

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