Bartomeu no longer confident of signing Griezmann

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu is no longer sure Antoine Griezmann will make the switch to the Catalan giants.

Those who work alongside the president felt that for months he was convinced there would be no doubt in signing the Frenchman and bringing him to the Camp Nou. So much so, that Bartomeu even spoke of Griezmann practically as another Barcelona player within the squad.

However, the same sources say that since the end of the season, the president’s attempt to obtain the footballer’s signature are presenting more doubts.

Reports on Griezmann’s change of mind and the video of Diego Godin revealing his teammate will stay at Atletico Madrid have generated concern.

Barcelona believe the pressure from Atletico’s players has affected Griezmann’s decision, planting some doubt in his move to the Camp Nou.

The Blaugrana think it would be convenient to yet again remind him of the benefits of signing with a team like Barcelona in order to avoid the distractions from his teammates.

In this sense, national teammates Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembele can also add to the pressure and convince the player to make the switch this summer.

Despite all of this, neither Barcelona nor the player want to blow the operation out of proportion, especially after their past chaotic summer with Neymar’s departure to Paris Saint-Germain.

The priority for the Catalans is to avoid the spotlight with transfer talks and strengthen their squad as soon as possible for the upcoming season.

In fact, until a few weeks ago they assumed this year the signings would be quickly finalized with the main problem being with the players who are looking for the exit.

However, with Griezmann’s doubts, everything changes.

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