Talking points of Liverpool vs Roma; Could Salah win World Best?

Playing both teams to score was always going to be a safe bet for this match and it was truly enthralling with both teams scoring nice goals

Liverpool love to score: I think this is a known fact already; but it needs to be said… the Reds are capable of scoring as much goals as they want to (if they want to).

There’s no Liverpool without Salah: Immediately the Egyptian left the pitch; Liverpool’s attack fell apart. They seem to be over-reliant on Salah and while it is easy to rely on players like that due to their brilliance and match winning abilities. Injury to their star man or (as feared by the Anfield faithfuls) if he leaves to Madrid or Barcelona… the team will be in complete disarray.

Mane oh Mane, why wasteful much? Since Mo’s arrival, Liverpool fans have quickly forgotten how not long-ago Mane was key for the team. However unfair that may seem, it is nights like this that Mane would have botched it for Liverpool. He has the talent, no doubts; but it is this key defining moments that tells the Great players apart.

You can’t score too much: This champions league has shown the world that there’s nothing like scoring too much… there are no 2-goal, 3-goal cushions. Liverpool went 5-0 up and conceded 2 later on… If Roma hosts Liverpool at Olimpico and… (I don’t want to jinx it), we’ll all wonder how scoring 5 goals could still go wrong.

SALAH: Yes, the Egyptian god. The most feared attacker in the Premier league and among the best in the Champions league this season. Salah’s 2 goals were impeccable; well calculated efforts into the back of the net. I have no idea how this guy is doing it, but if this is not just some fluke season then this guy is  a world beater. Two goals two assists… what more can you say. Can he win World Best Player?

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