How the Premier League top 6 will fare next season

With Manchester City winning the English Premier league trophy with 5 games to go, all attention are focused on next season with little change expected in fortunes for the remainder of the season.

Let us take a look at the top 6 teams and see how their fortunes could change next season.

Manchester City

After a season where Guardiola tactics came off and most of the teams couldn’t find an answer to his possession game along with intense pressing… It is widely expected that they’ll still take advantage of that for next season.

While it can be argued that teams will catch on and try to sabotage their easy run, we must also consider that most of City players are not at the peak of their ‘tiki-taka’ game… and they can only get better at it next season.

All things considered, It is hard to imagine any other team pipping them to the title next season. (I know Man Utd fans won’t like this but… really can you challenge City?).


I’ve seen some amazing attacking football from Liverpool this season and with their defense stepping up in the second half of this season they will provide the much needed threat to Man City title challenge.

I would tip Liverpool as the most likely usurpers if Klopp doesn’t do too much experimenting and focus on using his best available team to get the most points.

But it is Liverpool, it will be reckless to expect them to win the league, but then it is Liverpool it will be foolish to write them off also. (I had high hopes for them this season too and while they have been quite impressive… there was a lot left to be desired).

Manchester United

A lot of people would expect Manchester United to challenge their neighbours to the title next season and they sure do have a point.

My argument is thus, if teams like Man city and possibly Liverpool go all out and try to win as many matches as possible; Mourinho’s reserved tactics will leave him chasing the pack… Maybe very closely but their chance of winning the title relies majorly on Man City slipping up.

We are to expect big signings with Mourinho keen to strengthen his squad. (It is safe to always expect Manchester United to compete for the title, and since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, this season has produced a lot of positives, they could improve on that next season or slump right back)


In a perfect world… Tottenham’s name should be up there with the rest but they don’t have the financial power to battle with the heavyweights and at times they look on par with them… Other times you wonder why they are in the top 4…the best they can hope for is second place… But I would expect them to be in the top 4 still as they have shown that they have the courage and mentality to outshine any of the heavyweights; except man city tho… Those ones na senior bros. (Who says they can’t pull a surprise and win the league)


I can’t even say for Chelsea, win one season… Languish in the next.

There’s a problem however this time around, a lot of the key players are keen on leaving the club which would leave them in a terrible state; although, changing managers could stop them as I see the players threatening to leave as a ploy to get rid of the current manager (Chelsea players love doing this).

That being said… I don’t see them challenging for the league if they don’t change manager; and even if they do, they still need key signings to ensure they mount a challenge. (Changing back to a 4-man defense will need a lot of reshuffling and some key players would suffer as a result)


Arsenal is quite simple… If things don’t change in that dressing room… They will endure another disappointing season. Wenger is quite good but in football these days… Changing system is quite necessary and that’s what they need.

New managers bring fresh motivation and those arsenal players need that. If they qualify for the Champions league by winning the Europa league, it is pointless discussing a new manager. (Arsenal fans, next season could be your worst ever).

My Prediction

1st – Manchester City

2nd – Liverpool

3rd – Manchester United

4th – Tottenham

5th – Chelsea

6th or less – Arsenal


How do you think they will fare next season?

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