#NSFDW2016: All that went down at the NSFDW Model Casting

Model casting 4On July 9th, 2016 The NSFDW model casting which went down at Maximus Lounge, Ikeja had over 300 models turning out for the casting and 30 models were selected by a team of Seven judges.

Newbies, amateurs, professional models; all came out with the judges having serious time screening them to pick out the selected few.

They also had a few tips to give those that didn’t make it, and also to those that did as ‘no-one can be perfect’.

Some of the selected models and judges were interviewed by Iliyas Abimbola Ahmed

1- Eno Josephine (Female Model)

What is your name?
My name is Eno Josephine, I am a model and a student of Unilag
What do you study?
Sociology, 300 level
Why are you here?
I came here for the NSDFW 2016 model casting, and fortunately I was selected. So, I look forward to strutting the runway
Why are you into modelling? Is it because of your height or you have a passion for it?
Basically, not because of my height. I will say I have a passion for it, and to me it’s just something I do with love, I’m not compelled to do it. It’s just something I love doing. I enjoy walking on the runway, the make-up, the designers. I just enjoy everything surrounding fashion itself.
How long have you been into modeling?
Concerning modeling, I’ve been modeling since 2014 but I took it serious beginning of last year. So, I’ll say with what I’ve learnt so far, I’m a little good; just learning; I’ll keep learning everything
What impact do you think this will have on your career?
It shows that I’m taking on greater heights, trying to move forward. It shows I’m serious about what I do. It’s a step forward in my career

2 – Olaiya Olajumoke (Female Model)

What is your name?
My name is Olaiya Olajumoke
Why are you here?
I’m here as the Face of NSFDW and I came for the casting too
And obviously you were picked?
Yes, I was picked (laughs)
How long have you been modelling?
I’m just starting, barely 1 year,
When did you start?
Late last year, November
What else do you do when you’re not modelling?
I’m a student, I’m into modeling, Entertainment, style people for pageantries etc
What school? And what do you study?
I’m in University of Lagos, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, 200 Level
Do you have any problem with the selections today?
No, I don’t, I don’t know what the judges were looking out for… and I would encourage those that weren’t selected to keep trying as ‘practice makes perfect’
How will this affect your career?
I think, it will make me work harder, going into what I want.
How has the journey been so far?
It has not been easy, with a little resistance from parents being concerned for what it would lead me to. I love meeting people and planning to enable me be the person I want to be… A role model for others

3 – Oyewusi Omoboyejo (Judge)

Oyewusi Omoboyejo

What is your name?
Oyewusi Omoboyejo
What do you do?
I’m a photographer
How was the screening today?
There was a huge turnout of models, professional models… but we have to choose the best of the best.
What are the basic criteria for choosing the models?
Body structure, walk, most especially the walk, and size
What impact will the NSFDW have on the fashion industry?
NSFDW is done for students, with students… it helps put our students on the map… it is a platform for students; young fashion designers, models, photographers and others in the fashion industry
I presume you’re a student too
Yeah, University of Lagos, Social Work, 300 Level

3 – Shaw Oyebade (Judge)

Shaw Oyebade

What is your name?
My name is Shaw Oyebade also known as Mr Mahogany, I am the creative director for Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week.
What convinced you to support this program?
I’ve been in the fashion industry for just over 35 years and it’s always good to support young people, upcoming youth; the organizers, the models, young designers. It’s about giving something back; my wealth of experience, having worked around the world… if I can help… why not?
How would you rate the turnout of models?
The turnout for the casting was very good… we just had over 300 models show up which is very good for a show. For those that didn’t make it, they just have to keep trying. In life you don’t always get a ‘yes’, you get ‘nos’ too and I’ve seen a lot of international super models that weren’t taken on by top agencies when first tried but later got signed and went on to be supermodels.
What are the requirements for being a good model?
Basic requirements include being at least 6 ft, have a lot of confidence; you need to be prepared for rejection and also work very hard; taking care of your body, going for castings, learning about the industry etc
What do you have to say about the fear of Sexual harassment in the modeling industry?
Models have to be very careful who they do jobs with and if people are making approaches to them which are not right or illegal, they should quickly move away from that job. How much are they paying them that you feel you should be harassed by somebody. It’s not something that we ever do and it’s not something we would ever do. In all the years… models always feel comfortable working with me.

5 – Olamide Juwon Coleman (Male Model)

Olamide Juwon Coleman

What is your name?
My name is Olamide Juwon Coleman, I’m a Nigerian but grew up in America
Why are you here?
I came here for casting
What prior experiences do you have in modeling?
Quite a few, couple of shows… been in the system for 8-10 years’ now
What else do you do asides modeling?
I’m a sport doctor, I used to work back in America and South Africa, back here in Nigeria I’ve been working as an actor, host and model.
Why are you on NSFDW?
Till the last day I leave, I’ll still be a student. I went to University of South Carolina and University of South Africa in Pretoria. As students we rule the world but we don’t know. It’s time for the students to take up their call. So I decide to fall back and stop doing bigger shows and do this to support the cause

6 – Alexander Nwosu (Male Model)

Alexander Nwosu

What is your name?
Alexander Nwosu
Why are you here?
I heard of the Nigeria Student Fashion and Design Week and decided to come for the casting
Did you believe you would make the cut?
Yeah, I did
Do you have a passion for modeling or you are doing this because of your height?
With my height, everything I’ve tried hasn’t really been fun for me. Modeling seems like the one for me
What do you study and in what school?
I’m in Bells University of Technology, in my final year, studying Surveying and Geoinformatics
What impact will this have on your career?
This is a chance for me to show the whole world what I’m made of
What state are you from?

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