Alves ~ Guardiola Is Not Enjoying His Time At Bayern

Alves Guardiola

The Barcelona full-back believes the coach has not enjoyed his time at the Bundesliga club but says he will be able to affect dramatic change in the Premier League

Dani Alves suspects Pep Guardiola has not enjoyed his time at Bayern Munich but is sure he will relish the opportunity to bring a revolution to Manchester City.

Guardiola is expected to win a third Bundesliga title this season and Bayern remain in the Champions League but the coach will leave Germany in the summer to move to the Premier League.

And Alves, who worked with Guardiola at Barcelona, believes the “gifted” coach is leaving because he is unhappy at being unable to reinvent the club in the way he wanted.

“Pep will be whatever he wants to be,” Alves told ESPN.

“He is like Neymar. They have such a capacity to reinvent themselves and a dedication to studying things. Obviously he has a gift, the gift of management. It has not gone bad where he has gone, and won’t go bad this time.

“He left for Bayern, but I don’t believe he liked it so much. He likes to revolutionise everything from the start. There he did not have that possibility, but he will now at City.

“He likes challenges – everybody else should get ready.”

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