Nigerian Policemen; The Absolute Definition Of Disaster ~ @Haywenzo


Recently my friends and I were listing the things that are surreal like unicorns, fairies and rest that children are compelled to believe; and it struck my head that Nigerian policemen that do not request for tips should be added to this long list. 

The rapturous feeling you might get when you stumble on a ghost is what I think would gush through your body if you ever meet an in-corrupt policeman. Ever listened to a Nigerian policeman supplicating before? 
I almost lost my breath, it utterly stunned me when I heard him say anyone who gives him less than N200 will meet the wrath of God, what wrath? I’ve asked a myriad of clerics this question. Ask me to give you a paradigm of the word ‘corrupt’ and I deserve to be flogged if I don’t say a Nigerian policeman. 
Also I was trying to explain the word ‘dirty’ to a lad and I couldn’t find a better example than Nigerian policemen uniforms, but that’s not what this article is all about. I’ll be rather cruel if I confine this article to the terrible side of Nigerian policemen. As a kid I got to learn that it’s better to alarm thieves with sirens to declare police invasion than to capture them stealthily. What’s the essence of having armed robbers with sophisticated weapons incarcerated thus wasting space in cells when you can assist them in evading? 
When you can fill these cells with people who speak back at policemen instead. Isn’t that a better thing to do? I really appreciate our policemen because they’ve actually taught me a lot and helped me understand life better. 
I spent my childhood learning the basics of life like minding your business always, I had a clearer definition of this when a robbery was going on and my neighbour secretly tried requesting for help from the nearest police station and to his utmost amazement, They’d rather mind their business and not get in the way of the armed robbers. How smart, Who cares about the welfare of the neighbourhood when there’s so much money to be made on the road ? Well I’ll stop here and not ask what the government is doing to quell these irritable irrational acts. So people please pay your tax and then give that policeman you meet today money also.

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