28 Painfully Awkward Moments That Makes You Want To Disappear

There are some moments in your life, when you feel totally dumb, embarrassed etc….. Check out some of this epic moments below

1. Waving at someone you think you know but actually don’t.

This is always embarrassing 
2. Holding the door open for someone far away and forcing them to run over.

3. Replying to someone you think is talking to you, but actually they’re on their Bluetooth.

Mehn, you’ll feel like entering the ground

4. Pulling a door that says “push” and vice-versa.

This is when you don’t argue when your friends call you ‘dumb’
5. When you’re caught without your glasses or contacts and the people around you are just moving blurs of flesh.

This happens to me a lot

6. When your server says, “Enjoy your meal!” and you reply, “Thanks, you too!”


7. Telling a joke but then forgetting the punch line halfway through.

If this happens, you are screwed

8. Grabbing a pole on public transportation but then holding someone else’s hand.

9. Saying goodbye to someone then realizing they’re going the same way as you.

10. Walking on a crowded sidewalk and inadvertently swinging your hand into someone’s crotch.

It happens to me a lot, mostly girls tho *winks* totally unintentional, I swear I’m not a perv
11. A: “How’re you?” B: “Doing well! How about you?” A: “Good, thanks. You?”

I do this when I get nervous, not often tho

12. Typing out a text/email in a rush and sending it to the wrong person.

This is Catastrophic

13. Facebook stalking someone and accidentally liking their profile picture from six years ago.

14. Going in for a hug but all the person wanted was a handshake.

15. Telling someone a hilarious story and realizing that they were the one who told it to you.

16. Holding your hand near a person’s face for the longest time before they realize what you’re doing.

17. Or you both go for it but you guys aren’t even on the same page.

18. Asking someone at a store for a different size and realizing they don’t work there.

19. Thinking there’s one more step to walk down and tripping over the unexpectedly flat ground.

Ouch……. Loooooooool

20. When you talk to someone and your voice is gross and croaky because that was the first time you spoke all day.

21. Wearing the same outfit as someone else, probably because you both got it on sale at the same store.

22. Laughing out loud at something you read in public and everyone looks at you.

Happens a lot

23. Even worse when you just laugh at something you remember and everyone thinks you’re hearing voices in your head.

24. Lip-synching to music with your earbuds on the street and looking like you’re talking to yourself.

Yea, I do this, trying to imitate Eminem
25. When someone calls out your name but you don’t know if it’s you because there are five other Ahmeds in the room.

My name is so common, I don’t answer it anymore 🙁

26. When someone says they’re going to a funeral or a hospital visit and telling them reflexively to “have fun!”

27. Jamming along to a song with friends but then singing the wrong lyrics.

Yea, I have a friend who does this on default, and we’re all like

28. And the classic: when you run into someone on the street and sidestep them, but they go in the same direction as you — and you do it seven more times until the requisite awkward laughter.

How many of these have you experienced?
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